Affordable Energy Canada is working to compile a list of Canadian resources on energy poverty. Please feel free to contact us if you have a suggested addition to the list.

PAYS for First Nations: Pay As You Save Financing For On-Reserve Home Energy Upgrades (2012) Pay As You Save (PAYS) financing allows Bands and individual homeowners to invest in energy and water efficiency and energy system upgrades through a loan that is repaid on their energy bill. This report explores the potential to implement a PAYS financing system in Canadian First Nation’s communities.

Community Wide Retrofit: International Best Practices for the Canadian Residential Retrofit Sector (2012) This report explores a range of international community wide retrofit program models, profiling best practices for Canadian program design. Produced with the support of Enbridge Gas. 

Time For Action: Tackling Energy Poverty in Canda through Energy Efficiency

In 2008, Green Communities Canada hosted a national conference looking at the growing challenge of energy poverty in Canada, exploring opportunities to tackle energy poverty through energy efficiency.

Time for Action Background Paper : The background paper for the conference, by Clifford Maynes, provides an overview of current (as of 2008) Canadian research on energy poverty, the challenges and oppourtunites to addressing the challenge of energy poverty in the Canadian context, as well as a brief overview U.S. and U.K. programs.

Time for Action Roadmap : A roadmap to action prepared by delegates to the 2008 Time for Action conference.

Canadian Resources

Healthy Retrofits: The Case for Better Integration of Children’s Environmental Health Protection into Energy Efficiency Programs A report by the Canadian Environmental Law Association looking at better integration of health and safety into the retrofit process.

Conserving the Planet Without Hurting Low Income Families : A report by the Environmental Law Center of Victoria University which examines a range of policy options to facilitate energy efficiency in low income households.

Letting Everyone Help, Reducing Barriers to Consumer Participation in Energy Conservation (2006): A report poduced by Michal Janigan and Elizabeth Kim of the Public Interest Advocacy Center in Ottawa.

BUILD, A Community-Based Solution to Energy Poverty and Unemployment in Low Income Neighborhoods (2010): An article by Shaun Loney of BUILD, published in the July issue of i4.